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Which is better DSLR or IPhone or Android phone for video



Hello friends today I am going share my opinion about DSLR,android phone and iPhone. In the year 2018 whole technical market have became crazy about Smartphones. today in India 75 percent of the people holds smartphone compare to 1990  in that generation only 10 percent of people have mobile or landline phone in their houses.So to do a call person used to go to STD PCO but now we find very less STD in the towns and cities. So let's get into the point usually smartphone is better for their performance and specification compared to bar phones.

Basically in Android Phones Snapdragon processor is consider as the best processor because it balance the whole system like camera,display,sensor,WiFi etc.In compared to Iphone it uses IOS operating system  Motion A8  Sensor which deliver better video quality compared to Android phones.If a person wants a better video camera quality in a Smartphone then they should obviously go for iPhone but one major draw back of the iPhone are it cost is too much compared to android phones and As the android is the open source and free so most of the developer are developing the apps and games in Android phones .And for the profession who are very much serious for their work and build a career in videography than should go for DSLR because there are lots of interchangable lens are there for DSLR compared to smartphones.

There are companies like sony,cannon,Nikon,Kodak etc delivers awesome video camera.But a person budget should be tight so that  they can purchase quality dslrl .we cannot compared Android phones cameras with dslr  because smartphone is basically made to run games,listening music,internet browsing,watching videos and movies it is just a replacement of a tv .whereas for videography in iphone it is little bit better than android smartphones but for the professional videography DSLR Should be the first choice for the person.

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