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Which Computer programming language I should choose in 2019



Hello friend today I am going to share my thoughts regarding computer programming language which will be best for you.There are lots of computer programming language which do different tasks and there are certain upgrades of the languages.A person can choose any programming language and nobody will stop him.But the thing is person should know after learning what should he or she should do with the programming language.

Advantages of learning Computer high level programming language:
Many people think that learning computer programming is a headache and just a waste of time but the thing is many people do not know about a what things can a computer programmer do.
Today in 2018 many things have changed those days have passed where a person after completing education  they have to go for various interview into different places in search of jobs.Freelancing is the only way where a person get self-employed without going to any places or interview and 2018 will be the biggest  year for the freelancer. 
So let's get into the point for choosing first programming language in various school C programming and java programming is been taught as the primary language in India but in USA python is been taught as the first language in the schools actually python is easier to learn than c programming and Java programming .C programming and java programming is mainly used to create software and python is basically used to create website.
Mostly people say A person should learn c programming first but I do not agree with this.According to my opinion a person can directly learn any computer language either it may be Java,C,C++_C#,Php,Ruby,Kotlyn etc. For example android software is developed through java programming instead of learning java a person can directly learn kotlyn because google announced kotlyn official language. Similarly For website development instead of learning Python you can learn Php.

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