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What will be the best career option


Hello friends today in this article I am going to share my opinion about what will be the best career for a person.This is my thinking and each and every person thought is different .So on this Earth if we want to be alive than we have to eat,drink sleep so by doing these things our body is alive. To eat and drink we have to work and earn money and country like India the population is very high and jobs available for people is very less. day by people are getting married and they giving birth to child. Currently India is in 2nd position in terms of highest population after China  but till 2050 India will be ranked 1 for highest population. 

Due to  population is increasing in the same way jobs is not growing.Earlier to get a job no degree is required but today in 2018 without degree no one is giving job it can be salesman job or call center job.Many people after completing Engineering they are working in salesman,callcenter,Selling fruits in markets and in railway station even doing coolie jobs to earn the livelihood 

There are lots of institute are there who promise that by going to their institute they will top the exam but believe my friend by scoring the marks in examination is different from dealing with the real life.
Every mother and father wishes that their child will be never face any problem as they have suffered so according to me the best career for a person will not money but what a person makes happy and he or she feels easier to to do if they pursue that then no one can stop them to be a Successful.Thanks friends for reading my article if you like this article than you can subscribe to our blog for email notification for free

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