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How do you transfer your Google Play store balance to your bank



How to transfer Google Play Store Balance to your bank.

 Today I'm going to tell you guys. There are so many ways to use Play Store Balance such as buying something similar from Google Play Store. You can also buy it when you have complete balance of the whole, you can not buy anything by placing half of the bank or half the play store balance from the account of the play store. There are some terms and condition measures With the help of which you can easily access the balances of Google Play Store to your bank. There are so many articles and videos in the Internet and in the UK which show how can send the balance of your Google Play Store easily to your bank, but all the people who tell them are all fake.
how do i transfer google play money to my bank account?

It is important that you have these things if you want to send the balance of Google Play Store to your bank.

1. Google Adsense Account
2. With YouTube Channel Monetize
3. Google Play Store Developer Account

Let me tell you one thing that you will not get as much money as you transfer now, you will get 70% of it and Google will keep 30% if you want to do so.Otherwise you can sell that balance to a friend so that he can buy another product from the Google Play Store.
This is the way to send money
If you have a developer account in the Google Play Store, with the help of which the application goes through E-Book Movies Music Public. If you want, you can transfer money to the Google Play Store, whatever you have with the help of it, in the bank. .
How to do i tell you

As you have got balance in your Google Play Store and you also have a developer account of Google Play Store, which you publishing apps, you do one thing in the Google Play Store. You can create one such app and the price of that app , the same price of the google play store balance. One thing to keep in mind is that these two should be different. There is no problem even if there is an account, but if there is a separate developer account and play store in different Gmail, then it will be better.The thing to do all this is that you buy that application, you have balance in the account of the play store from the account.

Second way with the help of YouTube channel

If you have a YouTube channel then you can send the app balance of your play store to the bank. How do you do it Let me tell you guys. You must have seen that anyone is doing  live in YouTube, then you will be seeing the option of super chat.
how to transfer google play balance to bank account0/m

What does that mean that whatever comments are done with the help of Super Chats, the comments are above normal comments and the owner of that YouTube channel can easily read that comment. So you have to pay even for this if you use the option of Super Chart. I mean to say that whenever you try to pay Super Chat It will show option to pay via Google Play store balance, You will get a chance to pay.. First of all, this money will be go on your video after that Youtube's payment goes to Adsense every month in the same way payment comes , to the bank as if you cross $ 100 then.
how to transfer google play balance to bank account

"Keep in mind that you can not get the full money in it, Google deducts your commission. If you transfer, you will have to bear the loss because there is currently no trick with which you can use Google Play Store This is the only trick to reach the balance to your bank. mostly the tricks are shared on youtube and internet are most of them are fraud trick. if this tricks works for you than please do share this article with your friends family  in your social media account"

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