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Hello friends in this I am going to give my opinion about how to purchase web hosting from a company.Simply purchasing a domain and keeping is not a good idea its better to put the domain into work.So there are tons of web registrar and hosting company company in the world we have free choice from any we like we purchase. Different hosting provider have different  offers.

These things you must check before purchasing a hosting .
  • Server Uptime- This is one of the most important factor to be consider.Website should be always visible in the internet.If you create new sites than you should choose share hosting because new sites do not get so much traffic as soon as website grow than you can purchase your dedicated server. Before purchasing shared hosting ask the company customer websites which are running in shared hosting plan most of the company do not hesitate to provide this.After receiving the sites name which are running on their server just go to uptime.com and check the websites from different location from there you can know how much powerful is the company. Shared hosting server.
  • Customer support- Just ask whether company provide 24*7 support or part time support.Contact them if any error occurs in website then they  will fix it for free or they will take charge.example if you want to migrate website than how much company will charge or they will do it for free.
  • policy - know the company policy because there are lots of company which can delete your website without any reason and without informing to you.
  • Pricing -This matter to every people most of the company tells the customer to purchase hosting for 1 year but I will not recommend to purchase for 1year because any time website can be grown and whole money will be worth less. I will recommend to test the hosting for 1 month and then decide to keep the site with that hosting provider or migrate to different.
  • Page load time and speed- Many hosting provider tells that their hosting service is far better than other but this is not the truth when it comes to choosing shared hosting plan than in the same server single many websites run and anytime your website can be slow or it can become unavailable so must consider this.

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