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Technique of purchasing graphic card for PC



Hello friends today I am going to share my opinion about how to purchase a graphics card so before get started let me tell you why you need a graphic  card for a computer because without purchasing and graphics card computer can be  work well. So let me remind you that the motherboard you are using in your computer is already having little bit  of internal graphics. Without having graphics card in the computer display cannot be shown so graphics is the most required thing.
So here I am am I am going to talk about dedicated graphics card not the internal graphics card. So in today's market there are lots of Companies who manufacture the graphics card and some of the company's name are  asus,His, saphire,MSI,Zotac etc brand can be anybody but all these companies are licensed by AMD and Nvidia.
AMD and Nvidia both have pros and cons many times AMD wins over  Nvidia and many times Nvidia wins over AMD.
Many people think that by purchasing graphics card by more GB will give more best performance but this is not the true earlier graphics card was only 3rd Generation but today graphics card manufactured are 5th generation. So people should be always consider about purchasing 5th generation  card rather with going 3rd Generation more GB. And the best thing is that before purchasing and graphic card you must do  lots of internet research ,search for reviews of the graphics card which you are going to purchase or ask to your friend who have better knowledge about the gaming because most of the high end graphics card are been used why the pro gamer and you should always be considering about purchasing high end model rather with going cheap graphics card. If you like the article than subscribe to our newsletter and get notification  directly to your inbox.


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