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side effects of Baba ramdev kapalbhati pranayama



Side effect of Baba ramdevji kapalbhati yoga pranayam

Hey guys today I will tell you the the side effects of kapalbhati pranayam as you have heard before there are so many merits of kapalbharti yoga pranayam but you must know if there is merit then there must be also demerit of that thing so before doing this yoga you must know the things in future you may not face any issue if you did this.
side effects of Baba ramdev kapalbhati pranayama

So here are the side effect and demerits of this pranayam

  • If you have excess high fever in your body then do not do this pranayam this can adversely affect on your body.
  • If you have problems in your lungs breathe in and breathe out breath then you must not do do this yoga it can very dangerous to your organ of the body.
  • Never do this yoga if you are so much tired do this only if your body is fully relaxed and this pranayam is not suited for the child below 10 years.
  • Do not eat or drink during this exercise is done,always do this when your stomach is fully empty.it can effect your respiratory system.
  • Eye cancer patient should not do this excercise.
  • If you have high blood pressure then do not do this it can increase your blood pressure not recommended who you are suffering from this disease.
  • This excercise is very dangerous to gall bladder cancer people.
  • A person suffering from anaemia should not do this exercise it can make the person condition worst.
  • A woman is pregnant and going to give birth to a child should not follow this excercise it can be danger to her child and for her
  • If you having heart stroke disease then this this is not recommended and this can be dangerous to those people having any type of heart diseases.
  • Kidney patient should not be allowed to practice this yoga.
  • Hernia patient should not do this exercise it is very dangerous for them. This exercise can make there condition worse.
  • People who are suffering from asthma are not recommended to do this type of yoga it is very dangerous for them so it is better to avoid kapalbhati.
  • Mentally abled patient shoul not to be forced to be done this exercise this will increase their mental condition more.
  • Lung cancer and stomach cancer people should stay away from this excercise.
So if you are suffering from any disease then you must consult your doctor before doing this exercise.

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