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Sake dean mahomed descendants ,agency what did he invent


 Sheikh dean Mahomed birth name sheikh Din Muhammad  was born in buxar,Patna ,Bengal Presidency in British India. He was the first person from India to publish book in English. He was a businessman,surgeon and a roaming person and his  father was a barber who usually cut the hair of the people later on used to work for British India. He learned alchemy and understood how to make soaps and shampoo. At the age of 10 his father died and taken by the captain godfrey evan bekar was an angolo irish protest officer.He worked as a Army for the East India Company As a surgeon. Remind with Baker until 1782 till and after captain resigned  and he was also resigned from the army to join Baker best friend.

Sake dean mahomed descendants ,agency what did he invent
In 1784 he gone to Ireland with the bark family and he gone to the school to improve his English speaking skill and there he fell in love with the girl jane delly.these two wanted to marry but dally parents opposed beacause mahomed was not a protestant anglicanism  so he converted to anglicanism to marry her and afterward they gone to 7 little ryder streets in london.
According to some scholar  he had a bigamous marriage in 1806 to jane jaffereys in marylebone and it found  in register of london church and they had a daughter in 1808 Amelia and in parish he register as a William dean mahomet as his father.and she baptized on that church.

he had total seven children named Rosanna, dean mahomed,henry,Horatiofredrick ,arthur and he taken baptized in roman catholic church st finbarr cork in 1791.

Fredrick was a business man at turkish bath company and along with also running a boxing and fency academy in bringhton and his grandson Fredrick  henry horatio akbar mohamed become famous as a physician and he made important to the high blood pressure.and one of the another grandson appointed vicar of hove susex his name james kerriman mahomed

In 1794 he published a book called the Travellers of Dean Mahomed it tells several cities of India where it describes about civil military conflicts he also tells about East India Company  food culture wildlife. In 1810 he moved to London where he open first Indian cuisine restaurant named Hindoostani coffee house in george street near portman square Central london. This restaurant serve various Indian famous dishes and also hookah and other tobacco item.

Before opening a restaurant he worked in London by installing steam bath on houses of the people and promoted its medical benefits he introduced to the people to do champi as in Indian called for before taking bath hair oil massage.

He died in 24 February 1851 in bringhton and buried at the grave yard of St Nicholas Church.

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