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How to keep Computer system safe


Hello friends in today world most of the people use Smartphones, laptop, tablets and computer in the world around 65 percent of the population but there are various things that we forget to do so today I am going to discuss about that how to keep the computer safe from getting damaged. Today the world is almost digital for making payment ,sending text to someone or doing video call everything is been through internet. Those people who do not have computer they usually use internet cafe for them I recommend after every use they should log out their user id and password. And we see many people share music, video and lots of data without having antivirus on their and this is the biggest mistake most of the people do and to save the few bucks they use free antivirus but let me remind you that the paid version of the antivirus will protect more than the free one because every day lots of new virus is been originating so that is reason lots of branded company charges higher price for the antivirus. 

One of the most reason for getting virus to a computer are through playing online games because through online games lots of people are connected to the same server and nobody knows whose computer is affected with virus so users are requested to whenever doing online task such as browsing in internet, playing games or making any purchase through Ecommerce they should be always turn on their internet protection from the antivirus. Virus affected on a computer can make a whole computer system failure examples processor will not work, ram will not work, motherboard failure etc. Users are recommended to scan their computer at least in a week or in a month and make a proper backup of data from time to time.It is advised to user to purchase a cloud storage and store all the data online.

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