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how to destroy enemy by Tona totka in English


 Hello guys today I am going to tell how to destroy your enemy by Tona totka.So before getting started let me tell you What is Tona TotKa if you know than its good but for all those who do not know What is its actually mean I am explaining for them.


In simple language in English it is called black magic magic practice usually to harm people by spirit power.In India in Hindi language it is called "jadu Tona" or "Tona TotKa".usually what happened if you suffer from this than you see bad dreams in night your relation with other becomes very bad,married life becomes worst,suffer from long  disease and any types of medicine does not work.

Beginning of Tona TotKa?

People do not have any exact date from where it started but most of the people according to the religious belief they say it was started from the begining when the universe started.if you have read William Shakespeare  Macbeth than you have heard about three witches what type of weird things they do.
how to destroy enemy by Tona totka in English

Destroy enemy by Tona totka?

As the god Exist Tona TotKa also exist.This is very common thing to use against enemy to harm.its is very much used by the people in Hollywood industry ,Music industry, Bollywood etc especially to become rich and fame at very less time by defeating your enemies.as the science do not believe this so most of the people do not take this seriously.

Earlier days during the world War to Win the battle most of the countries practices.But if the local people found if somebody practices witchcraft to harm people than that person is liable to get severe punishment or can be declared hang till death every kingdom have there own rule.

Now the question is how to destroy enemy by Tona totka?

My answer will be Currently now in 2019 Also many people practice for selfishness or for money Now Also it works there are some people who can perform this in genuine but most of the people are fake they will only take your money and you will not get your result.Specially in country like India most of the TotKa practices are done here and many of the people are affected with this.It's a big country with huge number of population in the world.there are also so many Baba present they claim to they can talk to the spirit but many of them make false statement of solving all your problems in life.and many of them claim to read your marks of the  hand and according to that your future will go.They will ask your death of birth place etc.Most of them will give you lemon chilli to tie in your vehicle and houses.some of them will tell you bring the toilet of the person and collect in the bottle and tie up with the threads and hang the bottle on the tree of your house.Some of them also claim that you have to throw the water in house of your enemy and your enemy will and his whole family will be get trappt into the black magic and they will destroy each other.they see the weird dreams in night.

Some of them also tell to destroy the enemy you have to bring hen crow coCK rice etc and they say these things we have to give Bali means sacrifice to the goddess to make your work sacrifice.

These things are crime but if you still want to do than it has to be done in own .it is recommended not to harm any people by TotKa or neither get involved in any types of business.Actually this things works very slowly. Like sombedy has given something to eat or drink than that can be the one reason or by touching somebody it can also be done or using any parts of the body like hair ,teeth ,swett or utensils etc.
how to destroy enemy by Tona TotKa black magic

I am sharing my experience how I get trapped into this .Currently I am 26 and during the child hood day I go everybody houses and play with my friends.When I was 9 to 10 yes old I face this problem in my both leg I faced too much pain occur and after few days I also got pain in my neck and fell that stone occured in my neck and in my legs .My parents neglected this and told it will go in few days.but pain not stopped and after 3 yrs later i migrated to another place with my family and joined other school and when I was in 5th standard same problem occured I had again too much pain in my neck and leg and my affected area became bloat.
How to destroy enemy by Tona TotKa black magic

I again neglected this pain and moved on and after few years my stomach effected this time whatever I eat cannot digest and cannot pee or shit. I eat some medicine but it did not work after eating so many days I stopped that and I also done so many test but doctor said everything is fine in your body. Everytime I feel something is being inserted in my body. I moved with that pain and the yrs passed away my body blood started draining and my body become thin due to less blood formation in the body and my hair also started falling 19 yrs of age.

I do not know who is my enemy but I suffered a lot from this. And after two year I found person who helped me from recovering from the black magic.he taken out weird things from my body with the help of  magic and after that i fell relaxed Currently I am fine my body health is  not that much bad as it was during my previous. currently I am recovering from my health.he told me this practices are done with the help of the bad spirit.

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