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how to build a powerful gaming computer



Building gaming PC is little Bit  difficult task because we do not know not  know what to purchase and how to purchase and if we are a beginner in this  field then the shopkeeper or retailer will make fool and all hardly worked money will be fully wasted.
So let's get started without wasting so much of time things are required to build a Gaming computer are :
1 .Motherboard this is the stomach of a computer without this computer cannot be Run a person should go with high end amd gaming motherboard.
2 .Display-It is the monitor of the computer basically 24 inch full Hd LED display will be a better choice for a gamer
3. Keyboard and mouse- most of the gamer prefer wireless mouse and keyboard rather going with wired
4.Cpu or processor- this is the brain of the computer I will recommend to go with AMD CPU because AMD processor are less costlier than intel.
5. Cooling fan- this is one of the most important thing to consider because purchasing with less expensive cooling fan can damage your CPU. Cooling fan is required to keep the computer processor cool.
6. Video card or graphics card- without this computer  will hang  in playing high end games so it will be better to invest as much as more in the high end video card models for smooth gaming experience . Because if you have high end video card in your computer then you can perform various activity in a computer such as video rendering ,image editing,video watching etc.
7. Speaker or headphone this is the choice of a person how much he or she want to invest in speaker or headphone most of the gamer headphone to be the primary part for listening.
8.Ups- this is also the optional part basically it is the uninterrupted power supply. Whenever a power cut happens in your home then this will be very useful it will prevent your computer from forcibly shutting down.
9.Psu or Smps - This is required to give the power to motherboard ram and most of the components in computer.
10.Hard disk - For a gaming PC storage of a computer must be 2 Tera Byte
11.Ram- in a gaming computer 8gb ddr4  Ram must be inserted because this is the latest versiversion
12 .Cabinet - it  should be chosen with good amount of space because in future during the time of the upgrade you will not face any issue if you choose a good cabinet with proper space .

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