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future and scope network marketing in india by experts you must know truth


 Friends, today I am going to talk about the future of network marketing, it is also called direct selling, in India what is its future. By the way, network marketing has been going on for many years in India and it has been quite successful even in India it has earned a lot of name. Those who do not know about network marketing, I would like to tell them what it is and how it works

What Is network marketing

Network marketing is simply nothing but just a direct selling, it means that by not keeping any product in the shop, it is possible to sell the customer directly and the advantage is good as if a new company is coming. And so many of its new products have been produced, how and when to use that product, how many times to use it all this is what you are selling the product. Tells the thing. By the way, network marketing is considered to be very good for promotion of the product but in the last few years it has been very wrongly presented, due to which the whole industry has been badly defamed especially in India. There was a time when it was used only for the promotion of the product, but now it has reduced the promotion of the same and more business is made.

How does this work

Anyone who joins the network marketing has to deposit some money in the time of joining, and in return, the goods are given in return. What does this mean if you become a member and buy some of your belongings so that you can sell it And earn money Apart from this, if you want to earn more money then you will have to add more people to you as if you added two people, there will be some commission for them and those two people and two people are added to your commission. Each company has a separate policy, someone has two people, one has to add 8 people to someone, if you have added the person if he did not add another person. Your money will stop coming to you. Most of the goods are much more in accordance with the price of the goods. If someone does this work, then they have to go several houses and collect the people and they have to join them in their group.

future and scope network marketing in india by experts you must know truth

Keep these things in mind, if you join network marketing 

Know that network marketing companies give less importance to goods, whatever it takes in that company, dreams are shown. If you join so many members  will tell foreign tour, in our group, you can join us Malaysia Singapore Italy Germany Australia London Antarctica Sri Lanka China Japan will send Thailand In this company, most of the people are dreaming to become rich overnight. If you join .then they say how to do it as part time. First of all, you should join your family members and after that your relatives will be able to grow your network quickly and there will be a lot of increase in your commission.

Friends, you must be careful about these things, network marketing is mostly catching students of  College and they show them dreams. And if you do this business then there is a guarantee that your friend and your relatives and your family neighbor will soon come to a crack. If you do this thing, you may face difficult problems in your studies. More people come to the tension than doing this work. The truth is that those who sit in the upper echelons have a lot of benefit, those who work at the level below have a huge loss of time and money.

What is his future

One thing I can tell you is that network marketing will succeed only if the job is to find the best goods in the market at the lowest price and get the best quality because people like to buy goods from the market in the present time and just in TV Still advertise and you must have seen that if any person is going to buy a product when network marketing is not good then he will not have it again Buys and customer seems to be feeling cheated is one he did not get  even quality the higher prices of goods and he will again do the same.

There was a time when the Internet was not there either in India or Network Marketing India had a lot of flowering effect but now the internet has come, and before going to buy the goods, it is well researched in the Internet.  network marketing in India according to my opinion that many people are not going to run for long. Many companies came in and closed very soon because their belongings There was a malfunction and their prices were too high. Once a company's name falls, it becomes impossible to regain it. Network Marketing is going to be completely eliminated from India for 2050 years.

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