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Difference between Normal Human being and Celebrity's


 Hello guys today I am going to talk about the difference between how a celebrity is different from a normal person vice versa.So first let me tell you who is a celebrity.

Celebrity is a normal human being like a normal person who has maximum fans follower. celebrity can be anybody like Sports man,Actor ,Singer,Businessman etc.and Normal human being is an ordinary person who regularly do their job and comeback home.

Every human being soul lives in a body and one day that soul will leave body and this apply to both for a normal person and a celebrity. In the terms of financial issue a normal person suffers lots from this problem compared to celebrity's but it does not means that they do not suffer from money problem sometimes they also suffer.

One major difference between common man and celebrity is most of the celebrity are always with make up with compared to common very less people do make up to their they do only in a special occasion. Whenever a celebrity comes in front of public than most of the people do crowd this condition not apply to a common man and same in case of a death of also .If celebrity die than whole country will cry but if a normal person day only the friends ,family and relatives  only cry.By the due to the hard word a normal person became celebrity and this is the truth that no one can ignore. It is the people choice either they want to become celebrity or live like a normal person.but one thing is to be considered  celebrity cannot roam anywhere like a normal person and they receives too much email,call,messages etc compared to common man they go anywhere in the country no one cares.

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