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Choosing laptop vs Desktop PC which will best



Desktop or laptop choosing  depend on the budget of a person.But there are lots of advantages of desktop and laptop. If a person budget is less than 600 dollar than in that range it is very difficult to get good quality laptop.While purchasing desktop there are lots of things is to be consider like Ram,CPU,motherboard,display,graphic card ,PSU,hard disk,mouse,keyboard,speaker etc and there are lots of headache if a person do not have knowledge about computer and wants to purchase desktop in that case many of the people purchase Laptop instead of purchasing desktop but the thing is if a person with less than 600 dollar purchase laptop without having knowledge about computer and in that case their money can also be gone in the deep ocean .Because in low budget laptop there are only certain models which are  with good configuration and mostly that types of models are not available in the market.

As the way we purchase desktop in the same way laptop is to be purchased only little advantages of laptop is it is smaller in size and it can be carried everywhere and rest of things are almost same like processor,ram,motherboard,hard disk etc. When we purchase laptop than we should think for what reason we need laptop for use such as browsing photo editing ,video editing , watching videos,learning programming etc.

For Simple learning programming  i3 processor  third generation laptop will be fine but for such as other work video editing ,playing games then in that that case you should go for i7 and for that types of laptop a person budgets should be tight.I recommend person with less than 600 dollar they should go for desktop so that they will get good configuration.If a person do not have knowledge than for laptop and desktop then they should first research in the internet and after then only they should purchase.

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