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 Hi guys today I am going to tell you how can you insure a car that is not in your name. Show currently there are various number of insurance companies just provide different types of vehicle insurance it can be for truck bike scooter auto or any type of vehicles. Every insurance policy have there different terms and conditions so according to that if any accident or loss happens to that owner of the vehicle then that person will get the benefits according to the damage.

Can I insure a car not in your name

Things required to purchasing a car insurance:

Driver licence-driving licence is the one of the most important factor to get a car insurance without this you cannot get insurance

Vehicle registration-this certificate must be required at the time of getting the insurance policy to verify the owner that the vehicle belongs to the original person.

Cheque or cash-motor insurance company have the online payment option so that I can pay for  the policy but it is insurance choice what is the payment method he want to pay either it can be cash check credit card debit card for any other method of online fund transfer.

Declaration doccument: if you are holding any type of insurance for your vehicle then you must bring that insurance policy paper at the time of purchasing new insurance policy.

So now the question is can I do insurance of a car that is not in my name ?

Yes you can insure the car insurance policy that is not in your name and here doccument required is of car owner name 
Not you you have to only pay the price of the insurance policy and during the time of the insurance done the car owner person must be present in the office with you.

Howevery in case of any loss or damage the compensation will be paid to the original owner of the car

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