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benefits of kapalbhati pranayam by baba ramdev


 Hello friends today I am going to tell you benefits of kapalbhati pranayam by Baba ramdev. As you know no Baba ramdev is a Yog guru from India and he teachese various types of yoga and one of its famous yoga is kapalbhati.specially yoga is for those person who is doing their work by sitting in chair of office or any type of work which do not requires any hard work if it requires than very less.Sports person do regular excerices daily and spend most of the day on ground  by running playing etc but a normal person who busy on there job it's impossible for them to do this whole day so yoga is very much important in person life so I am going to discuss now about benefits of kapslkapal bhati.

benefits of kapalbhati by baba ramdev

Baba Ramdev kapalbhati benefits:

  • Both male and female can do this pranayam 
  • This Is the internal organ exercise improves digestion system of the body .as this pranayam involves taking of breath from the nose and breath out from the nose itself and cause movement of the stomach if any food you have eaten that is not digested properly than after doing this yoga whatever food in your stomach will be digest properly.
  • It make the skin glow.
  • It improves heamoglobin of a body.
  • It improves vitamin d iron and calcium.
  • By doing this you will not have faty liver problem and if your weight is increasing day by day than you must do this excercise it will help you to stop from being overweight and make your body size perfect.
  • It increased blood circulation in the whole body. As it involves excerices of the stomach and specially internal organ get refreshed by this pranayam.
  • Periods problem can be solved by this pranayam
  • It removes infertility problem
  • Utereous problem can be solve by this exercise.
  • It increases sexual desire for female for both male and  Female.those male female not having child they can do this pranayam.
  • Sperm problem will be solved by this exercise and increase sperm countability for men
  • It increases sex timing on the bed
  • It reduces stress and pain from the body and make body free and give full relax to the body by doing only 5 minutes in a day.and in five minutes you have to do 300 to 500 stokes.
  • This excercise solves the gastric problem of the stomach.
  • It increases stamina of a body
  • It also helps in curing big diseases like cancer.
  • It removes laziness from the body.
  • It makes sleep of a person full.
  • Improves seeing sight of the eyes.

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