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benefits of bhastrika pranayama yoga art of living


 Hey guys today I am going to tell you the benefits of bhastrika pranayam yoga in the art of living.so before telling the benefits let me tell you how to perform this yoga. So to do this you have to sit straight and you have to take long breath from your nose about 2 to 2.5 second and after that you have to breathe out from 2.5 second this is call bhastrika. By doing this we intake 5000 to 10000 ml  oxygen normal breathing intake 500 ml oxygen and this goes to each and every part of the body cells tissue and organ.those who have back pain,heart pain,harnia etc they have to do this yoga slowly slowly.but if a person is completely fit than they can do this yoga as many times they want and fastly also.

benefits of bhastrika pranayama yoga art of living

Main benefits bhastrika pranayam :
  • It's energise the full body.you feel more energy in the body
  • It improve the memory function ,IQ level. Everybody has same memory as the Albert Einstein ,Bill gates or many famous person have .As much you take the oxygen through this yoga your brain power will increase and your brain will work faster by doing this pranayam. 
  • Minimum one minute is required to do this pranayam and maximum 5 minutes either you are study person or sports person or working in office or field it will increase  your mind thinking power.
  • To learn any things which takes 10 hours that things you can do within few minutes so it will remove your burden and save your time from being wasted.
  • It protects you from several disease as the blood circulation in the body is continious running so There is very less chance that your body will be affected from diseases.
  • It controls the sugar.
  • Bhastrika pranayam protects from each and every type of diseases. 

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