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Who is feku news anchor of India

Anjana om kashyap is showing feku news anchor  by google first page  on Wikipedia Snippet.
Feku news anchor anjana om kashyap

She is a anchor of aaj tak Hindi news channel.anjana om kashyap.and employer in india today group which is showing in wikepidea search engine result.
Google algorithm is little bit tricky.there are lots of black hat SEO techniques to rank this types of keyword.
Example if so many people type this particular keyword and do so many backlinks on this this may be result to display such type of result.but still it's a myth how this ranks.
Feku news anchor

Earlier feku name is been displayed on Google for prime minister Narendra Modi and chutia news anchor is been given to Arnab goswami for displaying result on Google first page first row.

Feku news anchor arnab goswami

Apart from Anjana on kashyap Arnab goswami is also showing if you type feku news anchor of India.

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