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suna chadhei mo rupa chadhei odia film review

suna chadhei mo rupa chadhei review.it is an superhit 2009 odia film directed by himanshu parija and in this film cast are, its remake of  Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana a telegu film

  • Siddhanta Mahapatra as vijay
  • Barsha Priyadarshini as rani
  • Anubhav Mohanty as  raj
  • Snigdha Mohanty as Rajashree
  • Mihir Das as ranjit
Raj (Anubhav Mohanty) is a rich  person born in billionaire  and brought up in London. Rani (Barsa Priyadarshini)is a simple  girl from Orissa who is brought up by her  brother Bijay (Siddhant Mahapatra). His heartbroken when their father marries second time  and throws them out of the house
Their mom dies and her tomb is based on the little land which they possess until the zamindar reveals to them that it is his property, since their mom had taken an advance from the man. Bijay volunteers to work day and night, to satisfy the advance as long as they don't tear down his mom's tomb. The Zamindar concurs and the neighborhood station ace encourages them. Gradually Bijay and Rani grow up. At some point, Shibani, Rani's closest companion, goes to their home to welcome Rani to their home as she is getting hitched. Shibani's cousin, Raj additionally touches base around the same time with his mom, Rajashree (Snigdha Mohanty). 

Gradually Raj and Rani become hopelessly enamored however Raj's mom does not shoulder it as Rani isn't as rich as them, and is accordingly not to their principles; Raj is additionally to be hitched to Rajashree's sibling's colleague's little girl, Rima. Rajashree embarrasses Rani just as Bijay, who arrives a moment previously, and both are tossed of the house after Rajashree blames them for attempting to allure and trap Raj. At the point when Raj learns of this, he goes to Rani's home and argues to her sibling to acknowledge him. Bijay gives him a possibility, much the same as he was given an opportunity by the Zamindar when he was close to nothing. Raj is entrusted to deal with the bovines, tidy up after them and develop a bigger number of harvests than Bijay before the finish of the period; in the event that he doesn't, Raj will be tossed out of the town and can never observe Rani again. The Zamindar and his child is distraught as the Zamindar's child needed to wed Rani. With them and Rima and her dad attempting to get Raj to lose the challenge, Raj needs to buckle down for his affection, eating red chillies and rice regular, despite the fact that he can't tolerate it. Through numerous jokes from the Zamindar's side and Rima's side, Raj in the end demonstrates his affection for Rani to Bijay, and prevails with regards to developing more grains. In any case, Zamindar and his child abduct Rani and after that later attempts to assault her. A battle happens in which Raj executes the Zamindar's child. Bijay, in the wake of understanding that Raj and Rani ought to be as one, assumes the fault for this and goes through 5 years in jail. The motion picture closes with Bijay's discharge from jail which is likewise when Rani and Raj get hitched, in everybody's essence. Rajashree then acknowledges Rani to be her girl in-law.

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