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swiggy delivery boy timings,Salary structure Incentive bonus ,can done from cycle,Part time full time


Swiggy delivery jobs 

offer both full time and part time based Job part time  is  for 4 to 6  hour and full time is for 8 to 12 hour.Based on your location and restaurants working hour.


Here you will get the wages according to the work.Different location have different pay out.Here person get weekly payout instead of monthly. 4000Rs is the fixed amount here in weekly basis if you Come 7 days and it can be increase upto 10000 per week if  you work regularly.


Here you will get petrol incentives of per km for your Motorcycle.In a week 2000 to 5000 depend on your bike ride and order.

Delivery Bonus
It is also given on per sucessfull delivery.if you get more order than more bonus you will get. 20 to 30 Rs per delivery.

Requirements and eglibility

Must have cycle or motorcycle +Smartphone with good  data connection.

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