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Is Paytm Cashback Taxable in income tax according to Indian law


Is Paytm cashback taxable under Indian law 

Hey guys today I going to tell Paytm cashback is taxable or not in Indian law.According to Indian law system those who earn Rs  2,50,000  or more in India they shall be liable to pay tax and those who earn less than  Rs 2,50,000 they shall be exempted from tax it means they will not pay tax they are coming under poor section.

What is the meaning of the income in India?

In India income meaning whatever you earn in day it is called income if I do 100 upi transaction in Paytm and get cashback of Rs 50 So that is my income.Income means earning it can be by any way by doing job ,giving service ,doing business or any thing from which a person gets money.

How can I know how much amount I have to pay tax if my earnings is from job and from the cashback

If a person earn Rs 10000 per month and cashback of 1000 every month than the person income will be 11000. And in a year 11000*12= Rs 1,32,000 which is exempted from and tax free for a person.No need to file return or pay tax.

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