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Pidilite flexqwik review Instant adhesive bond for reparing Shoes, anybroken things feviqwik alternate


Hello friends today I am going to share my review about Pidilite flex Kwik instant adhesive actually this is a glue specially made for flex bonding and you can also use this product for stitching material like plastic, metal, rubber, wood, leather ceramic.

You can use this instant adhesive for most material except polyethylene, polypropylene ,silicon rubber etc.

https://www.hypertheorytech.com/2017/12/google-assistant-will-also-be-available.htmlThis product cost me around 50 rupees for 20 gram I have purchased this for bonding my Sports shoes because my shoes rubber has came out. Earlier I was using Fevikwik for stitching my shoes. Fevikwik was not so good for stitching shoes because it last only for 4 to 5 days.
After using this product 8 stitches my sport shoes so perfectly that it feels like a new shoes this product is better than Fevikwik.

This product Shows his effect within 5 minute of applying. So you do not need to wait for a long for fixing any material.

Things to remember before using this product

  •  Do not use this for cooking any food

  • Make sure when you are using this do not keep near your eyes

  • Do not give this product to any children and keep away this product from children

  • This product is same as Fevikwik which stitches  the hand so make sure that when you are using this product do not let this glue to fall on your skin because it can harm your skin

  • If anything goes wrong then immediately call the doctor

  • make sure that after every use to close the cap of the bottle.

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