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Reliance Rcom network voice calling is going to close


Anil Ambani's telecom company Reliance Communications (RCOM) is closing its voice calling service from December one. It will now hereinafter only 4g data service in selective circles. The customer will not be able to talk on this network. Only the internet will be the grind. In this package, we are talking about the things that you should know.

Why is the company closing voice calling?

RCom has a loan of Rs. 46 Thousand crores. In the merge with Aircel, a wireless business also fell into a company. Therefore, no other option is left except to stop the service.

What service will the company provide now?

RCom will be hereinafter the Internet 2g and 4g service in only 8 circles (Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, 1220mm East, west, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala).

What will the customers of Reliance do now?

All customers on behalf of the company are being sent through a porting request code number message. The customer can then have their number port by December 31.

How long will it take to portability?

It normally takes 7 days to port numbers.So it is time to start the process.


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