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Problem of crash encountered during use in Apple Watch 3

Apple Watch 3 is launched in September this same year. which has been available for global sale. This device is equipped with many new features compared to the previous watch series. But now, according to a new report, some users have reported the problem of the crash.

According to the report on Reddit

Apple Watch 3 users reported a problem with their units, where they said that a crash occurred when the device asked about weather information. Specifically, reports said that the accident occurred when he asked on the clock about weather information for the current day.

A user on Reddit

where the problem was widely reported said that the problem is associated with the end of daylight saving time-the change happened at the end of this week.According to the front report know what the problem has actually concluded: the reason may be something else because Apple has not officially commented on it, but the report says that the U. S. And the users in both Europe were affected. Apple Watch allows users to not only make calls but also be able to work as a fitness tracker for the user. This tells the user how many steps and how much calories they burn. As seen in the previous series, but new watch also has the potential to monitor the blood glucose position.



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