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If you link Aadhar card to IRCTC account than you book 6 ticket in a month


The Indian Railways has extended the monthly limit of 6 tickets book online from IRCTC website to 12.

The railway official explained that in order to do so, the user has to add the base card from his IRCTC account. The Indian Railway started this service  on Oct. 26. The excuse to increase the limit of cutting the railway ticket is being stimulated to link the base card to the IRCTC account to the Indian Railway passenger. Www.rechargeitnow.com's officials reported that passenger can book only 6 tickets a month from IRCTC account. If a passenger does not want to add its Aadhaar number to this account, they will still be deducted the highest 6 tickets. If you book more than 6 tickets from the website, the IRCTC user and passenger Aadhaar number should be updated.

On the IRCTC portal,

the user must select the Aadhaar KYC option inside the ' My profile ' category. Then update the Aadhaar number. Then you will have a one time password on the mobile number you registered with the aadhar card. This OTP will be used for verification. In addition, another passenger basis number must also be updated in the master list. It will be also verification via OTP. If there is a new passenger, the user can use the name and aadhar card details of the passenger in the master list. The authorities have said that it will have to do so before book 6 tickets in the month.


The claim is being made so that after the facility has been removed,

the fake user ID is retained by the middleman and travel agent. Be known that the IRCTC portal can cut the most 6 passenger tickets at once in common quotas. Right there, there are four passenger limits on every ticket in the  Tatkal booking.

It is important to consider that the Indian Railways had made the decision  IRCTC account to link Aadhar card at the month of December last year. But after the protest, this directive was lifted.

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