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How to replace word with other word in Microsoft office word 2016


Microsft office word 2016 WORD Replacement with other

Hello friends in this article I am going to explain to you how to replace word with another word in Microsoft Office Word 2016

Step 1 open Microsoft Office Word 2016 from your computer
Step 2 open document  Microsoft Office word
Step 3 Write the article in the document or simply copy and paste article

step 4 Go to the menu bar and click on "Home" and you will find on the top left bar "Replace" or Press Ctrl +H
Step 4 Type the word In "Find what Option" and in "Replace with" Write the word which you want to replace.
Step 5 Click on "Replace" if you want to replace for Single Word or click on "Replace All" if you want to replace all word.

IF YOU face any problem then comment below the section

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