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After China now Afghanistan also banned WhatsApp in Country

Nearly one month after China banned all popular instant messaging app, Afghanistan has halted WhatsApp for 20 days in the country on Saturday. According to the New York Times ', the Afghan government has asked many private telecom companies to suspend WhatsApp and telegram instant messaging services in the country. The move is also being seen as an effort to reduce the freedom of expression of citizens

As per as report both telegram and Whatsapp not working.

The people of Afghanistan have given it a wrong and non-legal agreement."The WhatsApp and telegram are often used by the Taliban and other terrorist groups to evade government surveillance," the New York Times said.

The Government of Afghanistan has been banned for some time on the app to introduce a new technology because the users complained about the quality of the service of the WhatsApp.China also banned sending written messages, the image on video, the voice chat on WhatsApp last month.According to CNN, the open observatory off-network interference Said that Chinese Internet service providers have turned off WhatsApp.

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