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Will the trend of having long hair become popular among men in India


Today, we are talking about long hair, why Indians men keep very little. In a country like India, very few people keep long hair. Mostly here women only keep.


The reason for not keeping long hair is that many people do not have long hair, so many people do not have long hair because they have never kept in life till date, many believe that if we keep long hair then we will be in There will be no difference between men and woman , many people think that if we keep long hair then people will be staring at us. Many people think that long hair needs more care.

Mostly In India, long hair is kept by the celebrity such as actor-dancer, cricketer, footballer, singer. If we talk long and short hair, then long hair can be a style more, it is very difficult to adorn the hair.

If we compare India with America, then people keep long or short hair on their own but here we are taught to live in the discipline in school, so it is a great reason that Indian men do not have long hair.

Bollywood is quite famous in India. People here mostly follow the Bollywood Actress Actress. In 2003, Tere Naam was released in the movie and Salman Khan had long hair in that film, and seeing that many people kept long hair. In the same way, Ghajini was released in the year 2009 and many people had shaved their heads while watching it. Long hair will keep people only when someone like celebrity starts keeping.

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