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Whatsapp bought new feature of message delete for everyone


There has been speculation since long for the recall feature to be brought to WhatsApp.

All these claims were being made on the basis of the internal code and so far there was no real evidence for the presence of this feature. Now the WhatsApp Beta Info report claims that this feature, known to be called 'Delete for Everyone', has been rolled out for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone app. This feature will work only if the person sending and receiving the message has the latest version of WhatsApp. It has also been claimed that Feature Whatsapp will work on the web as well.

The demand for this feature has been long.

After its arrival, things will become more convenient for WhatsApp users. It has been said in the report that it will be known as the Delete for Everyone. Many users are able to use this feature in the latest version of Whatsapp. For this, use the trash symbol for use. In addition to 'Delete for Everyone' users will also be able to see 'Delete for Me' option. This option is for those who just want to remove the message from their phone.

The report says that this feature is being rolled out gradually.

As we mentioned earlier, this feature will only work if both users have the latest WhatsApp versions. This feature will work with every type of message. The report says that this feature will work with photo replication on picture, video, gif, voice message, contact, file, location, quoted message and whatsapp. This will work within 7 minutes of sending the message. After this it will not be possible to delete the message. Instead of the deleted message, "This message was deleted for everyone".

According to the preliminary report, the message sent will also be deleted from the chat page and notification . Please note that the Recall feature is already available in telegram, viber and similar other apps already.

Whatsapp Beta info has said that there is no facility to recall the quoted message right now in Whats app . If the message has been sent to the broadcast list then it can not be deleted for everyone. Further it has been reported that the message will not be deleted on the respective app. Recall feature will not work for these users.

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