Today in the 21st century our life has become so easier compared to 20 century.

Technology has been so developed that if our Ancestors would have present today than they cannot believe our lifestyle.

Today I am going to talk about five benefits of social media

1. Facebook (connecting people)

There was a time to meet a person we have to visit his/or her house.

But Facebook sort out the difference, we no longer need to visit that person home. We can talk to her, see her face live by doing video call.

This was not only the problem solved by the Facebook but also solved many things. Like if any Special Event has to be held then the Company has to spend lots of money on Advertising but Facebook resolved this problem.

2. Youtube


This is the second Social media platform in this world where people share their ideas opinion and thoughts.

If a person does not have enough money to go to tuition than that person can also learn the same things from here.

YouTube not only give to share ideas and receive, but it also gives the opportunity to earn some amount.

There are lots of Billionaires that rise from YouTube. Examples Justin Bieber, Alan Walker, pew die pie etc.

3. LinkedIn

This is one of the platforms where most of the people get jobs. LinkedIn allows both Job seeker and Job provider to connect with each other.

4.People per hour & Up work

There was the time in search for a job people go to different places but now this problem was solved by the freelance sites. People per hour & up work where according to the qualification a person can get the Job from Home.

5. Fiverr

image credit fiverr

This is one of the best media Platform liked by many People in this world.This is a little bit different from other because here both Educated and Uneducated can earn , that also good amount.