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While everybody knows about Dependence Jio's appealing duty designs of Rs. 309, Rs 399, and Rs. 509, the organization is likewise offering a section level arrangement of Rs. 149 for clients who don't utilize much information on a month to month premise.

Prior, Dependence Jio did not offer any FUP speed, which means when you deplete the apportioned 2GB information, you won't get any extra information like other Jio designs, for example, Rs. 309 or Rs. 399. Since Dependence Jio offers low-speed information of 128 Kbps even after the fulfillment of every day information in the Rs. 309 arrangement.

The organization is presently offering after FUP speed of 64 Kbps with the Rs. 149 arrangement. With this speed, you can send and get WhatsApp, yet sites set aside a ton of opportunity to stack. Nonetheless, this is something worth being thankful for clients who revive the Rs. 149 arrangement.

The administrator additionally has another minimal effort Rs. 96 arrange for which gives 7GB information (1GB information for each day) and boundless voice calls for 7 days. With the Rs. 149 arrangement, clients likewise get 300 SMS for the legitimacy date.

Returning to other Jio design, the Rs. 309 arrangement gives 1GB information for each day and boundless voice calls for 56 days, the Rs. 399 arrangement offers 1GB information for each day and boundless voice calls for 84 days, the Rs. 509 arrangement gives 2GB information for each day and boundless voice calls for 56 days.

Dependence Jio is right now hoping to upset the Indian market with the reasonable JioPhone. Jio is putting forth a Rs. 153 arrangement only for JioPhone clients that gives 500MB information for every day and boundless voice calls for 28 days. Jio is additionally offering access to its premium applications for nothing to the JioPhone clients.