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Sunday, 30 April 2017

how to skip delivery charges on amazon.in without subscribing to prime

IN this article I am going to explain how to skip delivery charges on amazon.in without being a prime member.so as we all know that without subscribing to amazon prime its impossible to get an amazon fulfilled product for a value of less than rs 499.
steps for skipping the delivery charges on amazon.in
(i) select the product you want to order the product and add it to your cart
(ii) if the price of your product is less than 499 than add another product to your cart.
(iii)now the price is equal to or more than rs 499 than that's it now you are done.
(iv)add your delivery address and on the payment gateway page and make the payment via cash on delivery.
(v)after successfully placing the order just cancel the particular product which you do not want to receive.

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