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Top 5 gadgets under 5 dollar or RS 350


Top 5 gadgets under 5 dollar OR RS 350:

In the 21st century there are lots of gadgets which are so costly but today I am talking about the gadgets which are very much essential and can be easily affordable by any person.

1.pop up lantern-this lantern has flashlight mode and a lantern .it usually operates by 3AA battery it's better to use Duracell battery rather going with local.its flashlight operates on both high mode and low mode and blinking mode.it has flip up hanging handle which can easily be hanged anywhere.this lantern is best suitable for the outdoor camp or in a tent.

2.Multi-screw driver tool kit with 6 led torch-This 8 in one screwdriver tool kit can very much helpful for opening the computer, laptop, speaker, DSLR lenses, printer, television etc.As it portable you can keep this to your car, bag or even in your pocket.it has a six led light which operates on a 3 AA battery.As you ca see it has a beautiful compact design and price can be easily affordable by any person.

3.Biodegradable expandable hand towel-This towel is something different from other towels.as it looks very tiny but if you put water than it expands its sizes.This towel must be kept for the emergency purpose.

4.Smart phone holder- watching movies or videos Most of the time our hand gets tired during holding smartphone on the bed or the dining table.But if we clamp our smartphone on holder than it will be very much easy to watch movies and videos .our hand will be safe from getting tired. SMART PHONE holder is one of the most important equipment we should keep WITH US.

5. WIRELESS ALARM HOME SECURITY BELL-This security alarm every should in their houses.There is no headache for installing this security bell can be installed on the house door, window, Almira, etc. AS soon as the magnetic field with each unit is broken the alarm blows.by installing this device it gives more security to the entire family.

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