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top 5 cheapest 4g service provider in the world


top 5 cheapest 4g service provider in the world:

Hello, friends in this article I am going to discuss the cheapest top5 4g service provider in the word. although there are lots of 4g service provider in the which claim to be cheapest and fastest 4g provider I the world but according to me here the list is given below.

  1.  Reliance jio 4g-Reliance jio 4g is the one of the fastest and the best 4g service provider in India.its network has fully spread the country even inside the jungle. Reliance jio is the one and only company in the world which provided unlimited 4g in India for more than 6 months.when its comes to paid plan it serves customer friendliness plan. IN 499 RS or less then 7 us dollar it provides unlimited calls, SMS.data for 28 days.in a single day a person can use data up to 2gb and after that speed slow to 128kb.this is not the end in this plan a user gets unlimited speed without speed capping between 2 am to 5 am during the night.

  2. Verizon wireless -This is one of the best internet service provider in the UNITED STATES. ITS SMALL PLAN STARTS WITH  35$ PER MONTH.WHERE A USER  GETS 2GB DATA, UNLIMITED VOICE AND TEXT AND AFTER 2GB DATA SPEED COMES SLOW.If the data is not finished within a month then you can carry on the data towards the next month.THIS plan gives a special discount of 15% to active and retire military.

  3. virgin mobile Canada-With 35 dollar plan a user gets 50gb data in a month and download speed upto5 Mbps and upload speed up to 1 Mbps.

  4. Vodafone  UK- with 30 British pound data provided by Vodafone UK is 12gb and unlimited uk minutes and unlimited UK text messaging and free data roaming with 100 minutes, text,500 MB data in other Europe country.

  5. Telstra Australia-with 50 Australia dollar a user gets $1000 monthly call, unlimited SMS, MMS and message bank to a standard Australian number.

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