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Top 10 reasons behind getting too many adsense rejection


Hello dear in this article I am going to explain the top 10 reason behind getting too many AdSense approval rejections.

1.THEME of Blog- its seems very funny but its true google only like simple and responsive themes he hates professional looking websites.AdSense wants there publisher website very simple so that anybody  visits his blog he should be having good experience.heavy graphics takes so much time to load the pages it  results visitor to migration to another website.

2.Content or Niche- This is one the thing to consider before applying for adsense.If you can write creative and unique content than its good,chances of getting approval increases.If you cannot write rare content than its better not to do any copy paste from other . it will be far better if you write that article in your own word.Google hate duplicity he wants original.

3. Domain name- This play vital role for getting approval.Its better to purchase a custom domain name rather going with blogspot or any wix domain name.Domain name should be like www.hypertheorytech.com.It will be better to avoid blogspot free domain.

4.Images- while applying to AdSense please keep in mind that no copyright images should be there in the website.

5.Article or blog post-This is the key for getting AdSense approval.I got AdSense approval with 10 blog post within 20 days of purchase of domain.Be ensure that the per article Must be minimum 500 words.

6.websites pages- In a blog about,contact,privacy,home must be present.

7.Gambling content- especially in Asian countries its strictly been prohibited so never make any blog or write any article .

8.Adult website- google will reject these types of application.AdSense have never partnered with these types of program.

9.Under construction website- before applying for AdSense make sure that the website has been fully published and available on the internet .

10.No Third party ads-No third party ads should be hanging on your blog during the application is being reviewed.

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