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How to purchase domain and web hosting for creating a new website


how to purchase domain and web hosting for creating a new website:

Starting a website either personal blogs or e-commerce is not an easy task for beginners who do not have any knowledge about it, but as long as the time passes you learn and rectify mistakes you have made.Mistakes happen by human being itself but if we get proper guidance then there will very less fault.

for creating websites two things are required:

  • domain name -domain name is your website name, it can be easily purchased from the online market such as godaddy.com,hostgator.com,bluehost.com,big rock.in etc.you can also get the free domain from zoho.in,hostinger, blogger, WordPress and many more websites.but the inequality between free and paid are free lacks customers support, no custom email provided, unresponsive website etc.According to experts, free domains are useless.

  •    hosting - This in the most important thing in the websites where all the data are kept.Domain name is useless if you do not have a hosting space for your website.there are many web hosting provider in the online market but you have to choose according to your website traffic.

  • Steps to select hosting for your websites:

(i) never purchase hosting service for a year or it could be totally waste of money because in beginning your website might get less traffic but in future website traffic will be higher.so its recommended to buy Linux web hosting between 1 to 3months.nowadays many web hosting provides 15 to 30 days trial. a beginner can use free trail .every computer have ram and CPU similarly every hosting plan have ram and CPU, a beginner would not be affected by this until and unless they get heavy traffic on their websites and there will be always an option for upgrading a hosting plan.

(ii) purchase unlimited bandwidth hosting or else your website will go down and unavailable due to data bandwidth reached.there are several plans which give unlimited bandwidth data you should go with that.

(iii)website backup and restore option must be provided by the hosting provider.there are many Webhosting providers which provide restore and backup option.it usually requires during the migrating of hosting provider from one to another.

(iv)the storage option is the user wish but minimum 10 GB is recommended for a user.there are many hosting providers which give unlimited storage in a month.

(v)free control panel must be provided by the hosting companies, it makes very much easy to design a website even without programming skills.there are lots of option on a control panel like WordPress, Joomla, wikis, drupal etc.

some of the trusted hosting providers are godaddy.com,bluehost.com,hostingraja.in,hostgator.com.hosting service at a very cheap price are hostripples.in and hostkarle.in.


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