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Top 10 tv video games in early year 2000


Top 10 tv video games in the early year 2000'S

hello guys today I am going to tell about that the tv video games I usually play during early 2000's:

  1. super Mario bros: This game is very famous in the world it is one of the interesting game that I ever played.usually two player games but also can be played as a single player.there are two characters in the game 1st player is Mario and 2nd player is Luigi.in this game you have  to collect coins and  jump above the creature to kill them or else if they touch you then the game will be over.

  2. Contra: who do not love mission games where you battle with your enemies with guns, tanks, bomb etc.konami released this game on The year 1987.This game requires lots of concentration.this is also a double player game but it is very hard to play as a single player mode.

  3. The Lion King: This game is listed on the top hottest game ever made, it was developed by Westwood studios and published by virgin interactive.this is a single player game in this game you have to control a cub named Simba.he has the power to jump and roar as long as you play the game and clear the stages Simba grows and become a mature lion.

  4. Teenage mutant ninja turtle: This game is one of the most successful game it sold more than 4 million copies during that time.it is a single player game but you have the option to choose from four characters.

  5. Aladdin: This game is developed and published by capcom and its released date is 26 November 1993.its a singer player game a person name Aladdin he is in mission with his monkey to save jasmine.

  6. The jungle book: This is a single player game where a person named Mowgli is a lead role in this game.mowgli has the power to jump upon his enemies, climb trees etc.

  7. Zippy Race: This is a motor racing game of multiplayer where you have to race on the road without doing any accident and take fuel from time to time.

  8. F1 Race: a formula one race in a tv video game in which a player has to complete the lap during the given time.

  9. International cricket: This is one of my favourite game Where it is very easy to bat and bowl.I usually hit sixes on the deep fine leg where big heads can be seen as an audience.There is also a trick in the game for doing lbw appeal.There is also a button to hit four and six but sometimes you can hit six by pressing four button.You can also take a run as much as you can till the fielder reaches the ball.

  10. International superstar soccer: This is one of the football game that I love because its graphics and performance of this game are quite better than other soccer games.


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