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Top 10 future inventions by science


top 10 future inventions by science:

As we live in the 21st century whatever things are discovered by the science our ancestors have only dreamed for that but we have seen the reality.so Today I am going to discuss top 10 future inventions which may be achieved by the science:

1)Quickly wound recovering medicine: whenever a person cut his finger due to an accident in the kitchen or get hurt on the playground his wound takes so many days from recovering. with quickly wound recovering machine a person quickly recovers from the wound within a minute by applying the cream on it.

2)human body parts creating machine: There are lots of accident we can see nowadays on the roads which result in deaths and if somebody survives he loses some of the body parts.as the reptiles like the lizard can grow his tails after losing.it would be a great achievement for human if he can create his own body part and fix it into current place.

3)water vehicle: These days petrol and diesel prices are too high a person spends lots of money on fuel by creating the vehicle which will replace petrol and diesel will result in big achievement by the science.

4)internet over the air: without the broadband cables or the telecom tower accessing the internet is not possible but if the science discovers internet over the air than we can access the internet from any parts of the world either it can be from Antartica or from the middle of the amazon forest.

5)portable and foldable vehicle: who do not want their gadgets should be in front of his eyes.if portable and foldable vehicle is created than a person can easily keep inside the bedroom as these things can onlyCompanies like BMW, FIAT, HONDA MOTOR, FORD, NISSAN, TOYOTA are one of the leading automakers in the world.it would be challenging for these companies who creates the first portable and foldable bike or car.

6)hair regrowth medicine: although there are many hair growing medicine companies in the market but none of them really works.there is genuine hair transplant treatment but it results in cutting and patching of skin which result in leaving a mark on the skin.  hair regrowth medicine can bring happiness to the baldness.

7)Storing thunder power: during the rainy season we can see that there is lots of lightning and thunders occurs it would be great if we can harness.there is lots of experiments is been going on to complete this projects.

8)virtual human creation:  as the word virtual means it's not reality its imagination. when we sleep we dream and meet many people during our sleep it would be great achievements for us if we can create a virtual human.they can be with us whenever we need them.

9) brain reading machine: in today world the are some gadgets like alcohol breath tester, speaking true or false gadget etc.what a great would be if the scientist discovers a brain reading machine it can be helpful in a various number of fields.

10) Homemade portable power generator: as we know that electricity can be generated from sun energy, wind energy, waves energy .but what if we can generate electricity in a simple instrument from water in our home and use to charge smartphone and laptops.

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