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Things to remember while doing online shopping

As these days online shopping is very popular in the world, it is very easy to shop online rather going to the market and shops. So many people do online shopping due to various reasons. Many of us do not have time to go to the shop so we do online shopping and some people stopped offline shopping due to wastage of time and unavailability of the products.

And most of them do online shopping because there are certain products which are not available offline it's available through online only. Many deals and discounts are available online rather than offline. Whenever we go to the shop to purchase a product we Indian have to bargain to purchase the product. But in online shopping already coupon code is available and only the thing we have to do is apply the promotional code and get the discount deals. In the Indian e-commerce website like Flipkart, snap deal, Amazon, etc. There is festival offers running from time to time. So during the festival season sale, only the thing a person does is the rush and buy the product. We also get lots of debit and credit card offer during the festival season. That all things cannot be given by the shopkeeper in the market. The best part of online shopping is to purchase gadgets and accessories because these products prices are too much high in the market so it is better to go to the online market to get better from various sellers. There are many advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. First, let me talk about the advantages of online shopping.

   Advantages of online shopping:

  1. Cheaper prices compare to offline market

  2. Hassle free return

  3. Saves lots of time and money.

  4. Free delivery or fewer delivery charges.

  5. The exclusive offer is available only on that particular website.

  6. Money refund guarantee in case of damage or defective goods arrived.

  7. Good customer support.

  8. Free pick up is done in a case of return of goods.

  9. Many trusted websites give 24*7 customer service facility through phone or chat.

  10. Give more value to customer's treats the customer as king of the market.

Disadvantages of online shopping:

  1. It takes more time to deliver the product because your location is in a remote area of the city.

  2. One of the most demerits of offline shopping is price increases due to shipping charges and you cannot avoid that. In the local market, it will be cheaper. We cannot purchase small things from online. It will be better we go offline and purchase from local shops.

  3. No service center this is one of the major problems. If we purchase a product online and after we heard that there is no service center present in your city than it can be too much frustrating. These things, especially I got experience a lot and learned from that.

  4. There are certain products which cannot be purchased online it can be purchased through the shops.

  5. The customer gets irritated in the case of damaged or wrong goods received.

  6. It takes a long time to get back the refund of the money in the original mode of payment.

  7. There is lots of fraud website present in the web, so there are more chances of losing money.

  8. In the case of international shopping around two to three months, it takes to receive the parcel. And many of the times parcels do not clear the customs. So you have to pay the customs charges and it can be high from the different product to product.

  9. Out of stock sucks a customer lot.

  10. Cancellation of order without any reason is the very much common issue can arise in online shopping.


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