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How to use jiofi m2 as a xender for file receiving and sharing.


How to use jiofi2 as a xender for file receiving and sharing special tips, tricks

THIS is a special trick for jiofi hotspot devices in which you can be used for receive and send files from your smartphone to your personal computer, no need to purchase an extra wifi receiver for your computer for sharing of data because this can be done from your jio device itself.

steps for using jiofi m2 for file receiving and sharing:

  • first, download xender from play store and install it on your smartphone

  • after downloading xender to your smartphone you have to connect your jiofi device to your computer via USB data cable.

  • once jiofi device connected to your computer after that you have to connect your smartphone to jiofi hotspot device via wifi.

  • after the wifi is connected open any browser from your personal computer such google chrome, Mozilla firefox, opera mini, safari, Microsoft internet explorer, Maxthon, Deepnet explorer, torch, sea monkey etc.personally I recommend Mozilla firefox or google chrome browser.

  • as soon as browser open type web.xender.com from your personal computer and you will see the barcode on the computer screen.as bar code appears on your PC you have to open xender from your smartphone and click on the button it appears .after clicking the buttons you will get an option like ios, PC/mac,wp.you have to click on PC/mac.after clicking PC/mac you will get option of scan the QR code.than you have to click on scan button it will open the barcode scanner from your smartphone,you have to just point your smartphone camera to your personal computer in which barcode appears and after that you will see that xender successfully connected that's it now you can easily do file sharing from your android smartphone to your computer or vice versa.

if you face any difficulties then comment below.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://hypertheorytech.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/how-to-use-jiofi-2-for-file-receiving-and-sharing-from-pc-to-smartphonejiofi-m2-tricks.mp4"][/video]

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