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How to charge your smartphone faster


Simple tricks to charge your smartphone faster:

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how to charge your android phone faster this is a very useful trick this trick is especially for those people who do not have enough time to charge the smartphone. although there are certain smartphones in the market with fast charging features. But the prices of the Smartphone with fast charging mode is very high, so many people cannot afford it. There are also certain apps on android market like fast charge, fast charging, dry battery, fast charger, ultra fast charger, CPU cooler & fast charger etc.. but I am talking about the app called no frills CPU control .this software is especially made for controlling temperature of smartphone but we can also use it for quickly charging of smartphone.

no frills CPU control to run this application on your android smartphone first you have to root your smartphone.after rooting the smartphone you have to go to play store and download it .after downloading the app you have to open and make some changes in the application.In the setting menu there is five option:

  • Max clock freq

  • Min clock freq

  • Governor

  • I/o schedule

Apply on boot

  • Set maximum clock freq to 300mhz

  • Set minimum clock freq -384 MHz

  • Set Governer - user space

  • Set i/o scheduler-row, click on apply on boot and then your smartphone restart.thats all you have done.now your smartphone will charge faster than in normal mode.do not run any app while charging or else your smartphone will lag .this apps reduce the temperature of smartphone.while running this app you cannot pick up any call this is one of the major drawbacks of the application.so its requested to use this application in free time.if you want to pickup call and run app then you have to reverse the setting.

    • Set maximum clock freq -784mhz

    • Set minimum clock freq -600 MHz

    • Set Governer - user space

    • Set i/o scheduler-row

    Click on apply on boot.now you can run the application and pick up call or send SMS or whatever thing you want to do.

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